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Alexey Semyonov

William Green Miller

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Antonina W. Bouis

Scott Horton
Legal counsel

Board of Directors

Andrew Blane
Professor Emeritus of Russian History, City University of New York

Antonina W. Bouis
Bouis Associates Consulting

Catherine Fitzpatrick
Human rights activist, translator

Felice Gaer
Director, Jacob Blaustein Institute for Advancement of Human Rights

Scott Horton
Partner, Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler; President, International League for Human Rights

Edward Kline
Publisher, president of Chekhov Publishing Corporation

Pavel Litvinov
Dissident, author, teacher

William Green Miller
President, American Committee on US-Soviet relations and the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity. US Ambassador to Ukraine (1993-1998)

Alexey Semyonov
President, Prime Task, Inc

Richard Wilson
Physicist, Harvard University. (

Advisory Council

Alexey Bayer
Human rights activist, author, head of KAFAN FX Information Services

Leonid Gurvits
Astronomer, Head of Space Science and Innovative Applications Group at Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE)

Vladimir Klimenko
Human rights activist

Ivan Kovalev
Human Rights activist, engineer

Marina Liberman-Smith
Human rights activist, physicist, business consultant

Benjamin Nathans
Professor of history, UPenn

Nate Schenkkan
Political scientist

Valery Soyfer
Biologist, author

Several people served as officers and members of the board in the past:

(Mrs. Andrei Sakharov) (1923-2011)

Human rights activist, author, former Chairman of ASF

Whitney Ellsworth( -2011)
Human rights activist, former publisher of The New York Review of Books, former chairman of Amnesty International, USA

Leon Lipson (1921-1996)
Professor of Law, Yale University

Supporters Circle

Robert Bernstein
Publisher, president of Human Rights Watch

Caroline Cox
Member of the House of Lords

Sydney Drell
Physicist, Stanford University, National Academy of Sciences

Herman Feshbach
Physicist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Academy of Sciences

Lane Kirkland
Past president of AFL-CIO

Joel L. Lebowitz
Mathematician, Rutgers University, National Academy of Sciences

Alan McGowan
Engineer & science publicist, director of Scientific Information Services

Leo Nevas
Lawyer, president of International League for Human Rights

Yuri Orlov
Physicist, Cornell University , American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Arno Penzias
Physicist, Bell Lab, National Academy of Sciences, recipient of Nobel Prize for Physics

Richard Pipes
Historian, Harvard University

Mstislav Rostropovich
Cellist, Director Emeritus of National Symphony Orchestra

George Soros
Financier , chairman of Soros Foundations

Cyrus R. Vance
Lawyer, Secretary of State, 1977-1979

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