Andrei Sakharov Archives in Moscow

Sakharov Archives in Moscow were officially opened on May 21, 1994. It was created by The Sakharov Foundation(Russia)/Public Commission. The offices of the Archives are in an apartment donated by the City of Moscow – the same apartment used by Andrei Sakharov for his work after his return from exile. Funds for remodeling the premises, current expenses, equipment, and staff salaries were provided by the National Endowment for Democracy (USA) and a Russian sponsor, Mr. Ye. Gurvich.

The Archives closely coordinates its work with The Andrei Sakharov Archives and Center at Harvard University. In particular, the two archives are exchanging copies of materials with the goal of both having complete research capabilities. The Archives contains documents related to the life and work of Andrei Sakharov, as well as materials on history of human rights movement in the Soviet Union. The Archives is also collecting exhibits for the museum at “Peace, Progress, Human Rights”.

Bela Koval is the director of the Archives. Use Email ASF to contact Ms. Koval.

The Sakharov Archives in Moscow is located at:

103064, Moscow
Zemlyannoi Val, 48b, apt. 62
tel. (7-095) 916-2480