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10 April, 1999Among hundreds of thousands of people of Kosovo who were banished from their homes during last two weeks and who are being banished today there are not less than 25% of children. 400 thousands of refugees who crossed the boarders of Serbia are just a visible part of tragedy. It is practically not known what is going on in reality in Kosovo totally controlled by the hostile to peaceful population Serbian Army. What happened to thousands of children, women and old age people who waited for permission to flee to Makedonia and who suddenly vanished somewhere two days ago? How many children perish in direct reprisals and because of thirst, hunger and diseases?Massacres of peaceful population, trains packed up with people became a tragic symbol of XX century - 15 millions of Russian peasants, victims ofcollectivization who disappeared in GULAG; 6 millions of Jews - victims of Holocaust; Stalin's after-the-war deportations of nations; and now again, at the end of the century, world sees the same scenes. We appeal to President of Russia, to Government of Russia, to Russian politicians: Demand from your friendly Government of Slobodan Miloshevich to stop repression against peaceful people of Kosovo and to admit to Kosovo WITHOUTANY PRECONDITIONS of the International Red Cross teams capable to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to children, women and old age people of the ravaged region.

Boris Altshuler
    Member of the Moscow Helsinky Group,
Head of the "Right of Child" Program. Ludmila Alexeeva
    Chairperson of the Moscow Helsinky Group,
President of the International Helsinky Federation.Anatoly Severny
    President of the Independent Association of Child Psychiatrists and

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