Appeal by Elena Bonner to Afghan Organizations

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Appeal by Elena Bonner to Afghan Organizations

Postby admin » Tue May 24, 2016 11:55 pm

June 21, 1996

Mr. Hasan Nouri
Council of Cooperation for Afghan National Organizations

Dear Mr. Nouri,

I have by chance learned of the Senate Hearing on Afghanistan from my friend Alex Epstein. I know that all Afghanorganization have been invited to send their representatives. This created a unique opportunity for all parties to meet and talk. Iwant to use this occasion to appeal, through you, to all Afghan organizations.

Afghan people have lived through a brutal occupation. It has always been my pain, my shame that my people and the policies ofmy country have been the root cause of the Afghanistan's suffering.

But it is also heartbreaking to see that even long after the victory of Afghan resistance and long after Russian troops had left thecountry there is no peace in Afghanistan. It is heartbreaking to know that factional rivalry still brings misery and deprivation tothe Afghan people. I appeal to all Afghan organizations to put aside their differences and to begin a constructive dialogue for peace in Afghanistan.



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