Center For Chechen Culture (LAM) Established

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Center For Chechen Culture (LAM) Established

Postby admin » Tue May 24, 2016 11:55 pm

The main purpose of LAM is to re-establish the cultural institutions of Chechnia that have been destroyed by the war. As part of that work ASF invited Chechen representatives to Moscow and conducted a seminar THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE 1994-96 WAR ON CHECHEN CULTURE which took place at on Tuesday, March 25,1997. The speakers were:

    Writer, assistant to the president of LAM
    Actress, vice-president of LAM.

Discussion followed the formal presentations. As a result of the war, many books, libraries, textbooks, archives, and university collections were destroyed. Our guests from Grozny discussed the critical situation, the great need to help restore the cultural institutions of Chechnya, and the work of LAM. We hope that our dialogue will contribute to the creation of concrete assistance programs.

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