Brief description of LAM - proposed activities and goals

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Brief description of LAM - proposed activities and goals

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Brief description of LAM activities and definition of it's goals

LAM will conduct on a regular basis in Grozny, other Chechen cities and abroad variousmeetings, forums, exhibitions, concerts, creative meetings, lectures, devoted to preservation and revival of traditional Chechen cultural values, interaction of Chechen culture with other cultures, familiarizing Chechen population with art of other nations and cultures, and promote, on this basis, open, pluralistic, democratic and free society in Chechnya.

The LAM Center is going to pay special attention to promotion of pluralistic values and free society among youth.

After the barbaric war of 1994-1996, which had destroyed all material infrastructure andinstitutions regulating normal life, and because of unclear status Chechnya is facing difficult and vague future. Historic examples show that the level of democratic development of a given society depends on the level of it's spiritual development. Today in Chechnya, the task of highest priority is to make steps aimed at development ofspiritual and cultural basis of democratic society, only on this basis the main principlesof democracy (mutual tolerance, respect for individual rights) can flourish and only on this basis the main democratic institutions can exist.

Encouraging spiritual and cultural diversity and pluralism of opinions directly serves to the cause of democratic development of Chechen society and respect to human rights. Currently and in the nearest future public atmosphere in the Chechen republic is determined by the essentially military government, Islamic religion and traditional culture.

It is crucially important to maintain proper balance between religion and culture for the Chechen people to follow democratic path and topreserve values of an open society.

The Chechen creative intelligentsia united in the LAM center is aspiring for openness of the Chechen people and Chechen society to the World and their development in the context of democratic processes and institutions while at the same time preserving it's national identity and traditional cultural values.

The LAM center possesses cultural potential to become an important catalyst and arena for inter-cultural, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional dialogue in the Chechen Republic

The very existence of the Center and it's experience will become important factors in formation of new NGO's- subjects of the civil society in the republic.

It is the Chechen youth that suffered most from disorganization of life, destruction of material infrastructure and demise of traditional values. In the course of the war and as the result of the war the role and activity of the young generation in Chechen society have increased dramatically. Bearing this in mind the LAM" center is going to concentrate it's work on the Chechen younger generation.

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