LAM - The International Center for Complex Research and Popularization of the Chechen culture

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LAM - The International Center for Complex Research and Popularization of the Chechen culture

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LAM can be contacted at 15, Roza Luxemburg street, app. 13 Grozny, the Chechen Republic.In connection with serious complications with telephone and postal connection with the city of Grozny, the director of LAM Zuleikhan Bagalova authorized Yuri Vadimovich , the Executive Director of , to make contacts on behalf of LAM.

LAM is the only non-governmental organization which unites creative Chechen intelligentsia remaining in the Chechen Republic. The main mission of LAM is preservation and revival of traditional values of Chechen culture on the basis of its interaction with other cultures as well as promotion of open, pluralistic society in Chechnya, fostering of freedom and democracy. The "LAM" center was created and registered in Grozny in 1995 by a group of prominent activists of Chechen culture:

Apty Bisultanov
    Chechen popular poet, honorary member of the
Russian PEN-center Arbi Vagapov
    linguist, head of department of Chechen
language of the Grozny UniversityTaus Serganova
    Doctor of History
Said-Magomed Khasiev
    Doctor of History, the only Chechen
ethnographer, director of ethnographic centerRuslan Khakishev
    producer, Honored Artist of Russia
Dikaly Muzykayev
    ballet-master, Honored Artist of Russia
Roza Tashayeva
    theater critic
Kosum Uspanov
Zulai Shavlayeva
    Doctor of Art, the only artist-specialist in
the old Chechen craftsSaid Abdurzakov
Lema Usmanov
    scholar, a specialist in the old Chechen
architectural monumentsZuleikhan Bagalova
    popular Chechen actress and the Honored
Actress of Russia .

For the brief period of its existence and despite the war conditions the Center has managed to place five secondary schools graduates from Grozny to Universities in Poland. Since 1991 several founders of the LAM Center are using local media and TV trying to speak for peaceful resolution of inter-Chechen, inter-tribal contradictions as well as calling for mutual respect and mutual tolerance in relation between people belonging to different ethnic groups and religions which populate the Chechen Republic.

In August 1995 the Center's President Apty Bisultanov has delivered a speech before international forum of PEN-centers of Baltic Countries in St.Petersburg and then spoke in Krakow at the conference against the war in Chechnya as well as conducted meetings with creative intelligentsia in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclav. Upon his return from the trip Mr. Bisultanov had been arrested and severely beaten up in Grozny by Russian secret services. He was released only after rallies in his defense in Grozny and Moscow.

The Center's director Zuleikhan Bagalova and Lema Usmanov had spoken in March 1997, in Moscow in the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center "Peace, Progress, Human Rights" before the audience of journalists, NGO leaders and other representatives of public with report "Impact of the War of 1994-1996 on Chechen Culture". They also gave interviews to "Moscow Times", "Los Angeles Times" and "Russian Thought". The trip of Z. Bagalova and L. Usmanova to Moscow was funded by the Andrei Sakharov Foundation.

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