Open Letter to President Yeltsin

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Open Letter to President Yeltsin

Postby admin » Tue May 24, 2016 11:55 pm

Mr. President!

The authorities in the capital of Russian Federation have dramatically intensified an anti-constitutional chauvinist campaign directed first of all against refugees who are seeking asylum in Russia. This is done in the name and under the pretext of preparation for the celebration of the 850th anniversary of the founding of Moscow.

It has created in Moscow an atmosphere of xenophobia and intolerance which the mayor, Yu. M. Luzhkov, is constantly supporting by the means of mass media.

Based on the unlawful normative acts of Moscow authorities internally displaced people are denied the status of refugees. The militia is refusing to register refugees. Without any reason these people can be detained for an indefinite period of time; they suffer from physical violence, from monetary extortion, at any moment they can be evicted from the permanent or primary residence. The victims of this harassment are first of all people of "non-Slavic" appearance. Even those who live legally in the buildings that belong to the President's Administration (pension Vatutinki-2) and Federal Migration Service (medical center Vatutinki-1) are being evicted.

The public statements of the mayor of Moscow contain groundless accusations of refugees. Such statements make it easier to commit illegal or even cruel and violent acts against the refugees. Similar anti-constitutional and inhumane campaigns are also spreading in Moscow and other regions of the country.

We call your attention to the failure by Russia to carry out international obligations that follow from the Convention on the Status of Refugees and from other international treaties.

We appeal to you as the guarantor of human right and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. We urge you
    to officially demand that the mayor of Moscow desists the practice of the above stated illegal actions and takes measures to ensure that Moscow's Rules of Registration of Residence (Moscow Government Act ## 1030-43) and Order of the Government of Moscow # 121 On Regulating the Status of Refugee and Forced Migrant are consistent with the Constitution and the Laws of the Russian Federation to stay the eviction of refugees from their homes until they are given permanent homes in accordance with the Constitution and the residential laws of the Russian Federation.


M.G. Arutyunov
    International Human Rights Assembly
S.A. Gannushkina
    Civil Action
V.V. Malikova
    Moscow Helsinki Watch
K.A. Moskalenko
    Center for International Defense
V.N. Otvin
    Fond Glasnost'
Yu. V.
    The Andrei Sakharov Foundation
L.M. Alexeyeva
    chairman, Moscow Helsinki Watch
L. Ponomaryov
    Moscow Helsinki Watch
V. Abramkin
    director, Center for Reform of Criminal Justice
V.M. Geftor
V.G. Sadur
    Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Muslims
L.B. Litinskii
    The Andrei Sakharov Foundation

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