ASF helps children of Checmya

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ASF helps children of Checmya

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The Andrei Sakharov Foundation and [url=]LAM[/url] (the Chechen Human Rights organization) have recently organized some financial assistance to the children and families in Chechnia who have been wounded or are otherwise in extremely difficult situations as a result of the war. The following table shows pictures of some of the recipients of the assistance and the excerpts from their letters.If you are interested in helping these and other children in Chechnia, please, contact Mr. Ed Kline or [url=]make a donation to ASF[/url] ().

This girl is receiving treatment for her wounds at Filatov Children hospital in Moscow. Image
Mariam and her two younger brothers were wounded by an artillery shell while working the family plot... Image
Lors lost his right leg in a mine explosion. Every six months he has to travel to Makhachkala to be fitted with a new artificial leg... Image
Boris was wounded by a mine. His right hip is severely damaged, needs reconstruction. Image
Both Tamara and her mother were shot by a sniper. Tamara is wounded in both hips. Image
Hava is the oldest of 7 brothers and sisters. Both their parents died during the war. Hava has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and needs intensive treatment. Image
Ramzan was wounded in a mine explosion... Image
Elza was burned in a fire caused by an artillery shell, needs multiple skin grafts... Image
Beslan has cancer, needs bone marrow transplant... Image
Alikhan's father died in the aerial bombardment of Grozny, Alikhan was wounded in a mine explosion. He lost his left hand and has a severe trauma of right hip... Image
Isa has multiple severe wounds of the head, stomach, liver. He lost his left wrist. Presently in a very serious condition in a hospital, fed through a tube... Image
"...The family consists of 5 children and their mother. The father is dead. Kureim lost his right leg in a mine explosion..." Image
"...father is disabled. There are many children in the family. Magomed was wounded in a mine explosion. As a result of his trauma, Magomed is blind in the left eye. He needs serious skull surgery..." Image
"...Amina received a serious wound in the aerial bombardment of Ivanovo (district of Grozny). She was paralyzed for 7 months..." Image
Madina was born during the war, with a Down syndrome... Image
Zelikhan lost his left hand and most of his right wrist as a result of a mine explosion... Image
"...Azi needs extensive medical treatment for her medical condition..." Image

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